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Carpet Cleaning Machines  

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Clean, Revitalise Your Carpets & Upholstery

24hrs £25, weekend / 48hrs £40

If you want hassle free carpet cleaning machine hire in Chorley, Fairview Cleaners have the best carpet cleaning machines direct from our store in Adlington or just include your address in your booking and we'll drop it of for you. 


We have two of the best manufactures of carpet cleaning machines for hire.

The Karcher Puzzi carpet cleaner is lightweight, versatile and easy to use. It removes dirt, bacteria, allergens and odours from carpets and upholstery when used with our professional cleaning solutions.  We have three different tools;1) a long handle tool that you can easily use for broad carpet surfaces, 2) a hard surface attachment for solid floors like kitchens and bathrooms, 3) a hand nozzle for fine control when you want to clean furniture, stairs or curtains

The Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X3 carpet cleaner has been specially designed to give professional carpet cleaning results in your home. Featuring Rug Doctor’s award winning one-pass cleaning system. Refresh and revitalise your carpets. It also have a hand tool to help get in those corners or stairs.

We now stock M2Care carpet shampoo, antibacterial COVID cleanser and sanitising spray which is manufactured in the UK, used by the NHS and suitable for our spray extraction carpet cleaning machines and professional carpet cleaners.

For our Business to Business (B2B) we have All Round shampoo with cleangard technology for high wear areas and protection.

Hassle free pick up in store or include an delivery address if you want one of the team to drop it off. We support social distancing and isolation controls to reduce the transmission of COVID - 19 

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