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Curtain and Cushion Cleaning

Make Them Smell and look Like New

Costs Based Only £10 per KG 

Clean and Restore Curtains 

We always clean and restore curtains here on site, its always great to see their brightness and colour come back again. Curtains and cushions can sometime pick up odours from household cooking and use so its always great to have the them smelling fresh and clean again. 


If your motivation for cleaning them has been decorating or you just want to get rid of the dust, dirt or micro particles that makes them fade from glory, we are here to help

Assessment and Treatment

We always assess any curtains prior to cleaning and use only the the best cleaning practices and treatments for the fabric and manufacturing process used to make them.


We always follow the care instructions but sometimes the cleaning results may need to be at you own risk due to missing instructions, sunlight exposure, lining materials including silk. The team are great with curtains and will advise you on the best cleaning practice.

Advice on Cleaning 

If you have hand made curtains or if they have black out material in the liner no problem. We clean these type of curtains every week. The team tailor the cleaning process according to the curtains and achieve great results. 

Dry or Wet Cleaning

We can spot clean and pre-treat marks or stains before either dry cleaning or wet cleaning the curtains or cushions. Each set of curtains can differ so we use our knowledge of many year experience to clean them. Fortunately we have a range of super commercial cleaning equipment here at Fairview Cleaners in Adlington to help us. 

Hand finish 

We hand finish all curtains and cushions to ensure we get the best results 

In Store or Door2Door 

We know that curtains can be fairly heavy and bulky so we can offer a take down service if you need. 

Lots of our customers select a Door2Door pick up - clean and delivery service for curtains so we can help with the heavy lifting. 

Our long wheel base caddy can easily handle any of the curtains you have and we'll have them back in no time. 

We cover curtain cleaning in Adlington, Aspull, Belmont, Blackrod, Brinscall, Buckshaw, Buckshaw Village, Coppull, Charnock Richard, Chorley, Duxbury, Euxton, Health Charnock, Horwich, Heapey, Rivington, Standish, Wheelton.


Same Day Cleaning Service

In day curtains cleaning can be achieve if we know about them in advance and they are less troublesome materials. it always helps having them first thing so we can start our expert cleaning process early. 

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