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Duvet & Pillow Cleaning 

Makes It Feel & Smell Like Spring

Branded Detergents = Beautiful Finish  

Single Duvets from £12

Single Pillow from £6 or four for £12

Branded Detergents 

Here at Fairview Cleaners use the best branded cleaning detergents, pre spotters, laundry cleansers and conditioners to clean your duvet and pillows. The team tailor the cleaning process based on the condition and material of the duvet to get the best results

Commercial on-site Washing Machines & Driers 

We use commercial washing and spotting machines to help get the duvet feeling and smelling like spring


Hygienic Washing 

It is recommended to have your duvets cleaned every six month or more often dependant on usage, pets and children. 

We clean with laundry cleansers from 30°or use thermal hygienic services washes from 60°

Camping and Sleeping Bags 

We use similar care and cleaning practices for sleeping bags. We campers too so understand that its always good to have a great feeling and smelling sleeping bag for those camping trips or festivals

Pillow Washing 

its always great to have a fresh smelling and hygienic pillow to lay your head on after a long day.

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