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Wednesday's Wisdom - Coffee Stain Removal

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

Ever suffered a pet inducted coffee splill? Its a tragedy that all coffee lovers know too well. Here is Wednesday's wisdom to help remove the stain from your old favourite jumper, shirt or linen.

Our pets or children don't really know the important of that early morning brew. Don't touch the computer stroke me!!!!

Like many others before, we can use a few household ingredients to help remove the evidence of the tough morning you suffered.


Place a generous amount of table salt over the coffee stain area and layer it on so it acts deep into the fabric and liquid. Wait a few minutes and gently rub away the salt with a cloth or some kitchen towel. This will help remove the worst of the stain, soak up the liquid and reduce the spread.

Vinegar and Bicarb of Soda

It may not smell great on your clothes but it is fairly effective to mix white vinegar and some bicarb of soda in a cup, then use a old tooth brush to generally rub the paste into the stained area. Again use a cloth or kitchen towel to remove the mixture after a minute or so. Be mindful to avoid damaging the fibres by not scrubbing too hard.

Wash as normal afterwards to remove the smell and the stain.

Our Team use 40 different techniques with the knowledge and commercial products on hand to remove all types of stains. We are the local experts and are here to help if you don't fancy trying to remove the stain yourself or need a little hand / advice.

Sharon's other little tip is "don't leave it is in the wash bin always act on it soon" and also avoiding heating the material. It helps our success rate if we get to work on the marks as soon as possible.

If you have any other tips that we can share let us know.

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1 comentário

17 de jun. de 2020

Thanks for sharing your tips Sharon with our customers. I can't wait to read next weeks Wednesdays Wisdom. Its always enlightening typing up your freehand notes and drawings....

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