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COVID – 19 Update – Fairview Cleaners

COVID – 19 Update – Fairview Cleaners

Its important to our customers that they know we are here to help during this unprecedented time.

We have updated our hygiene practices in the shop with regular cleaning of the counter, hand cleansing and we have seen an increase of cleaning processes we use, known to kill bacteria.

Dry Cleaning and Laundry

Dry Cleaning – The higher temperatures in the dry-cleaning drying process kill bacteria while the other dry-cleaning chemicals / agents remove the dirt or stains from the garments. The dry-cleaning process is more involved and typically costs to do but highly effective in cleaning dirt and germs.

Our steam trouser and jacket cabinet also retextures the fabric with 4 bars of steam.

Laundry – We use a range of leading brands of detergents and conditioners in our laundry service. When asked or if required we use safe quantities of specific laundry cleansers and disinfectants to kill bacteria in the wash phase from 20°. These wash treatments may be required because the fabrics will not take the high temperatures and duration required in the dryer to kill bacteria.

Any questions about our laundry services get in touch or call the shop 01257 480469.

Door to Door – Laundry Service

Too busy, can’t leave the house or just want help with your laundry, try our collection and delivery service and with a small service wash starting at £9 it can really help take the hassle away from mum or dad. We have many weekly customers booking us for service washes or for children of elderly parents who live too far away, Its easy to book online a collect for them or ask the team to set up a collect rota.

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