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Its raining it pouring but NIKWAX is never snoring

We are truly blest to have Rivington on our doorstep, it’s a huge focal point in our local landscape and a place which lets us escape, feel free, bond as families and enjoy with friends.

Maybe ski gear can be used for sledging too,

The weather has felt wintery and wet recently, but I always tell friends don’t let a little weather stop you getting outdoors.

Yesterday was no exception, I really wanted to ride outdoors feeling the fresh air on my cheeks again instead racing Zwift on a sweaty indoor Wattbike.

The Ironman moto “Anything is possible” is so relevant with good planning and determination you can do anything you want. Two things that help when its wet and cold are suitable warm and waterproof clothing. At Fairview Cleaners we have used Nikwax for years washing and reproofing jackets for customers. Wearing the right clothing and keeping it waterproof really helps with the enjoyment.

Yesterday reminded one thing I hadn’t reproofed my gloves in a while. They started to fail after wetting out after 45mins. Meaning when the outer layer starts to absorb water and doesn’t bead on surface. Wetting out normally is a sign that the Durable Water Repellent (DWR) treatment is failing. This is sign to wash & reproof it as long as the membrane is still in good condition. The frequency of reproofing will depend on the garment, fabric and usage. I tend to wash and reproof my main jackets twice in the autumn / winter period.

Nikwax acts a bit like the wax on an apple

The tip to keep your garment waterproof is to look after the fabric by cleaning it. Never use household detergents or conditioners as this can affect the garment performance and render it useless. A good tip is using a mild liquid soap like dri-tak but we use the Nikwax range of products on technical gear to get the best results.

Sometimes is difficult to keep dry

We have all been there when the water bridges insulation because its wet through and you start to cool down very quicky with the garment getting heavier too. Reproofing done correctly makes for lots more enjoyable fun outdoors. Helping you take your pick of walking, running, cycling, sledging or fishing. Well may be not fishing.

Keeping warm & dry makes for more fun time

So go and enjoy fantastic scenery created by the West Pennines hills and moorland. This open area offers such opportunity to go exploring and you may hear follow walkers day “I can’t believe we have all this on our doorstep”.

Come rain or shine this outdoor space has been a blessing during the COVID lockdowns and has help people escape a little from their own four walls for some great exercise while enjoying the stunning scenery.

What is not to like about the historic Rivington reservoirs developed in the mid 1860’s by the Liverpool water company and the Rivington gardens which Lord Leverhulme had designed in the early 1900’s. While up in the Rivington terraced gardens you will have noticed the amazing restoration work the Rivington heritage trust and volunteers have done.

Japanese gardens in Rivington

There are two common features flowing through all the development of the area one being the beautiful hills and the second being water and some days we can see are fair share of it too. The landscape and features are dominated by it.

Cant wait to be group running again in the hills

At Fairview Cleaners we know the important of cleaning and reproofing jackets, waterproofing coats, over trousers or even school crossing attendees work wear properly.

Premier Nikwax stockist - drop & go or DIY

We are a premier Nikwax stockist and now have a full range of Nikwax if you want to DIY including tech wash, TX proof, TX spray on, footwear cleaning gel, liquid wax for footwear, waterproof for nubuck & suede, fabric & leather proof. We have everything you want boots, shoes, trainers, trousers, jackets and rug / pet blankets to clean and reproof them back to their former glory.

Any questions on washing or reproofing just drop us a message, call the shop 01257 480469 or pop in a see the team in our covid secure shop at 6 a Bolton Road, Adlington. PR6 9NA.

We are the local experts and are here to help.

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