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Post Boris Update 24-03 We care about our community more than the laundry at this time

Updated: Apr 8, 2020


After a team business review yesterday and seeing the details in Boris's update @20.30 yesterday (23rd march). We could have just closed up for the next 12 weeks hoping to see you all back as customers on the other side of the isolation and social distancing. This would have been a difficult for the team but the easiest decision to take to help reduce the coronavirus transmission.

But we ask ourselves who would care for the customers who depend on us for their laundry needs either because their health or mobility, capability, capacity or dependencies. Yesterday we dropped of food supplies for a customer isolated for health restrictions (food no laundry), we picked up weekly service washing for an isolated customer without any equipment to do it for themselves and late last night a customer message us with their needs and access restrictions while COVID 19 isolated.

We have taken the decision to operate a skelton staff / times safely under the guidance with the main reason to help where we can until our services are not required, needed or we need to closed the doors for safety reasons.

Currently we are operating a collection and delivery service with electronic payment to reduce any need to come out to the shop avoiding any social distancing issues or unnecessary contact with the team / shop. Please just use our booking system for an appointment or get in touch with messages using the links / website below from our website.

We are using hot thermal / chemical services washes and steam / disinfectant with other chemicals like alcohol and solvents during shop and cleaning processes. If you have any known substance reactions or health concerns let us know about it thanks. We can provide the COSHH data as needed.

Please note if you are isolated for any health reasons let us know on booking.

We care about our community more than the laundry at this time. If you need our help with some supplies that we can get hold of, just let us know.

Many thanks and stay safe

Team Fairview

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