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refil me - refillable laundry hub @fairview cleaners

Blue Planet II really helped highlight the need for change against plastic waste. I believe we are all on a journey with the way we impact our environment. Its just the speed of change that's really up for discussion. What and how we use products are mainly driven by big brands and influences from marketing or social media.

Here are fairview cleaners we set out a plan >four years ago to move to a more sustainable business, COVID have changed our original pathway but we are still resolved to give our customers the best expert dry cleaning and laundry services available in the Chorley area.

At Fairview Cleaners we know the journey to reducing waste isn’t always an easy one, that’s why refil me have tried to make the process as easy as possible.

In 2020 we were <20% powered by solar energy from our own panels, we reduce single use plastic by 400KG with reusable garment covers / laundry bags and reused 1000KG of metals hangers returned in our laundry process.

Last year we also introduced our refil me range of products which are used in our laundry and shop cleaning processes with both commercial and ECO options.

We now stock a wide selection of Ideal and Miniml liquid refills, including laundry liquid, fabric conditioner, laundry sanitiser, stain remover, white vinegar, all purpose surface cleaner, washing up liquid and hand soap.

We love the traditional laundry and cleaning products from Dri-Pak too. The safe cleaning power of Soda Crystals, Soap Flakes, Bicarbonate of Soda and Citric Acid ensuring your laundry and every room in your home stays fresh and clean – naturally!

By introducing refil me wide range of UK made sustainable products. Most of which can be refilled from 20ltr or 200ltr barrels to reduce plastic, waste, carbon while being kinder to your skin, animals, your pocket and our planet.

We work with selected family owned suppliers which are on the similar pathway to our sustainability aims. While we have a long way to go we continually review our progress and make improvements to reduce our impacts where we can.

Our mission is to reduce waste and move to a more ECO laundry business. Fairview cleaners provides both commercial and ECO laundry cleaning services and you can now buy the best products we use in our refil me hub.

Miniml who are our main ECO laundry partner are a zero waste closed loop supplier. Their ECO laundry - cleaning - personal products are powerful, work fantastic, smell great while not costing the earth, quite literally.!

Our plastic and glass bottles are designed for life guaranteed by Fairview Cleaners. Need a replacement, pumps or trigger sprays just pop into our Adlington store where our lovely team will happily exchange them. Our only ask is not to throw away old items we'll happily recycle them for you.

refil me has 20ltr & 200ltr barrels of the most popular refillable laundry and cleaning products to help reduce waste and aid filling of bottles.

Fairview Cleaner also now reuse plastic bottles from our carpet cleaning machine hire service, for each shampoo bottle donated back after hiring our carpet cleaning machines, we'll donate 50p to Darian House and re sanitise the bottle ready for the next customer.

Do you live near Buckshaw Village? If so you'll find the same great Miniml ECO products at Barrica in the park as they are also a Drop & GO dry cleaning and laundry partner for Fairview Cleaners

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