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Wednesday's Wisdom - Grass and Mud on Whites

Success Stories

Its great to hear about your successes having tried some of the laundry hanks we have shared on Wednesday's Wisdom. At Fairview Cleaners we love to help you look great and keep reusing the clothes you have already invested in. Why buy new when its better for your pocket and the environment to clean and reuse.

Customer Feedback

We were asked about green and mud stains on cricket whites this week and here are Di's domestic laundry hanks to help remove them. It is great to see sports starting to be played again, so our domestic laundry hanks will be helpful for your while washing at home.

Some of the basic domestic products you have at home do work and its always better to clean a stain as soon as you can to get the best results. Avoid applying heat as it can fit the stain on the garment.

For grass stains and mud, Vinegar and Bio Liquids can help pre-treat the stains.

The below video shows you how to do the grass stain hank and the technique used. Note always follow the care instructions regarding the heat and wash cycle for the type of fabric. We would recommend pre-treating a small area first to make sure the colour is fast.

Our domestic tips for removal of grass and mud stains are:

Note Always try to remove the mud if its dried first before adding any liquid to it, as it will only soak it in deeper to the fabric. Be careful if the item is delicate or made from silk these require extra care and it is easy to damage the fabric of colour.

1) Dilute 1 part white distilled vinegar to 2 parts cool -warm water and dab on to the soiled area with a sponge or clothe and slowly soak the fabric and work marks on the fibres so they start to release for around five minutes .

Once the marks have started to come off soak the garment in warm water with some bio detergent dissolved (normal quantity for half of load) in it for 15 mins. Then wash as normal within the care instructions with a bio or enzyme-based laundry detergent (like Persil or Ariel

2) Another method is to use a rubbing alcohol but this can be more harsh on the fabric and colours as it is a solvent. Use with caution and handle with care. It is however very effective at helping to dislodge the green pigment from the grass.

  1. Take a sponge or clothe and dampen the grass stain area with an isopropyl rubbing alcohol

  2. Let it naturally dry

  3. Rinse it with cool water

  4. Work in some liquid household detergent into the stained area

  5. Rinse again with cold water

  6. Let it naturally dry again and then wash the item as you normally would.

This should help remove the grass stain on the clothes.

Just a safety note never mix beach and vinegar together as they can be harmful.

If you have any concerns or want an expert option why not let the Fairview cleaners team have a look at it. We clean away over 40 diffident types of stains and may even use used some of our orange spotter in the cleaning process for grass /mud.

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