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Wednesday's Wisdom - How to remove BODY ODOUR from sports clothes

Sharon has opened her little purple book of domestic laundry secrets again.

This time we explore what products you may have at home which will help remove body odour from teenage clothes or sport wear.

In the video we explore using bicarbonate of soda as it doesn't have the smell of white vinegar and is nicer to the clothes than lemon juice.

Below the Video are five domestic tips to help remove body odour (BO) from clothes

1) Wash items straight away, While it may sound obvious, washing your sports gear as soon as you can really helps remove the smell and bacteria before it sets into the fabric.

We know that this may not be possible as we are all busy people also it isn't the best for environment either as should aim to have full washes and converse water and energy.

2) Pre Soak in bicarbonate of soda, commonly known as baking soda, this is a versatile product at home and is for great baking and cooking. It is also has great natural deodorising properties too. It's alkaline properties will help eliminate the usually unpleasant acidic sweaty and draws in the natural oils which have transferred from your skin onto your clothes.

just add warm water into a cup full of baking soda and let it dissolve, giving it a little stir. place sports gear or clothes into a bowl with cold water and add the baking soda solution. leave it over night before washing the clothes as normal

3) Soak in white vinegar, this is often used in cooking too and its also great at eliminating BO and where things have got a little musty smell. White vinegar can really help with those stubborn smells that just don't go away after a number of washes.

Simply add a cap full of white vinegar into a bowl of water and leave the sports gear or clothes to soak for 15-20 minutes. The smell of the vinegar will dissipate easily with a normal wash using detergent and fabric conditioner.

4) Using lemon juice, as we have have already covered we are aiming to remove the BO smell by eliminating the bacteria from the fabric. The critic acid in the lemon has antibacterial properties and can attack the smell at source while lifting away any natural oils left on the fabric.

Just cut a lemon in half and squeeze the juice into a cup and dilute with water before adding it to the washing machine. Diluting it first will help disperse the concentration liquid with the machine and clothes

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