ALL ROUND carpet shampoo with encapsulationg technology & Cleangard fabric protector has been specifically developed to give exceptional economy & the ultimate in performance particulary on greasy & heavily stained carpet and used for upholstery cleaning. Ideal for high traffic areas and commerical buisnesses / schools. 

1. Removes stains that would normally require
   spotting prior to shampooing.
2. Contains Cleangard soil protection polymer.
3. Embodies solvents that remove oily stains and
4. Brightens hard to clean synthetic carpet fibres
    as well as wool.
5. Generates low moisture "Dry Foam" that
    leaves carpet dry minutes after cleaning.
6. May be used on upholstery and as a genearal
    carpet spotter.

Carpet Spotting: Dilute 1 to 15 parts water.
Carpet Shampoo:
Heavy Sopil   1-15 parts water.
Medium Soil  1-25 parts water.
Loght Soil      1-40 parts water.

All Round Shampoo 1ltr - protects carpets


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