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Fairview Cleaners Terms and Conditions 

  1. By using Fairview Cleaners services or purchasing any goods from the business you are agreeing to the terms and conditions below.

  2. Fairview Cleaners are very proud of our exceptional cleaning team and services we provide. Fairview Cleaners may use images of the cleaning on our website or social media to help illustrate what we do and how we do it. We will not use personal details unless the customer has approved use or have given public feedback / reviews on the internet / social media. If you prefer not to have an image of the item let us know on booking in. Images and use of images help other customers see what can be done with using an independent professional dry cleaner and laundry business

  3. Pick-up and delivery service otherwise known as Door2Door

    1. Set geographical areas for free pickup and delivery apply as listed on the website page and are within four miles of our store in Adlington. Our easy booking system secures the appointment and you will receive a confirmation email

    2. Appointment requests with orders under £20 will incur a £2 cost for each pickup or delivery (trip) 

    3. Appointments will be check before each shift period i.e. morning 08.00 afternoon 12.00 and evening 17.00. any appointments booked before these times will be placed. The team will try to fulfil all appointments within 45 mins either side of the booked time slot 

    4. Pre-planned Pickup and Delivery 

    5. Mon    8.00 -10.15    4.00 - 7.15 pm

    6. Wed   8.00 -10.15    4.00 - 7.15 pm

    7. Fri      8.00 -10.15     4.00 - 7.15 pm 

    8. Sat    8.00 - 8.45 

    9. Get in touch with the team if you need something outside of these hours

    10. You should tell the team if you are not available for the booked appointment. You will incur a cost of £2 per trip for missed access appointments

    11. Free pick up and deliver is not available in conjunction with other discounted offers. Deviation of this is at the discretion of Fairview Cleaners.

    12. Delivery and pick up on the carpet cleaning machine can be either in store or Door2Door within four miles of our store. Door2Door deliveries for carpet cleaner hire cover each day of the week. We may contact the customer to offer longer hire periods to help with time efficiencies / reduce carbon waste with excessive mileage 

  4. Ironing  

    1. We always want to get a great professional finish; however, this can be affected by over drying clothes or where clothes are left damp which may have a slight odour after ironing

    2. We will may contact you to offer service washing to resolve the issues getting the approach finish you require. Additional costs will be discussed prior to undertaking additional services  

    3. Unlike other businesses all our ironing in done my employees and within our commercial premises in Adlington 

  5. Dry cleaning  

    1. Any stains, marks and fabric damage should be brought to the attention of the one of the team prior to cleaning. This is to help ensure we use the appropriate treatment for the garment. There are approximately 40 different types of stains so if you unable to identify or pass on information regarding the marks we will use our knowledge to try to remove it in the cleaning process. We do not guarantee the removal of stains but will endeavour to aim for the best results 

    2. All dry-cleaning items will be cleaned using the technical skills and within the garments care instructions 

    3. Sometimes our team will advise that a garment will only be cleaned at customers own risk and details are available in these terms, on the website downloads or we may email you a copy to confirm 

  6. Fairview cleaners are not responsible for items left within the garment. We will endeavour to check pockets we part of the inspection but may miss items. Items left within garments can stain or mark of the clothing during the cleaning process, Fairview Cleaners are not responsible for any damage caused 

  7. Service Washing  

    1. Any specific requirements for washing and drying treatment or products should be brought to the attention of the team 

    2. We will endeavour to use the best care and treatment for the garment or items accordance with the care instructions available 

    3. We use the branded and selected products that we know are the best for the cleaning process 

    4. The customer is reasonable for separation of the different coloured clothes and emptying of any items within the pockets 

    5. The customer is reasonable for separating any hand wash or dry-cleaning items so these can be recorded and processed as per the garment care instructions 

    6. We can wash or clean using specific products, this will need to be discussed or confirmed when the garments or items are booked for cleaning (i.e. bio / non bio, conditioners etc). We are also happy if you want to provide your own cleaning product for specific health or well-being requirements 

  8. Wedding Dress, gowns, prom dress 

    1. Every wedding dress is inspected prior to cleaning and cleaning undertaken within care instructions. We will discuss the cleaning approach with you and ask how you want your dress to be presented afterwards.  

    2. There are many different types of fabric, layer, beads and finishing used within wedding dresses we will always aim to remove any stains or mark where possible and its always best to let the team who if you know of the origin / cause of markings you want treating 

    3. We will use our expert knowledge to help restore any dress back to the best condition we can however sometimes the natural of the stain or markings cannot be fully removed without effecting the fabric or finish of the dress 

    4. We may also advice due to missing care instructions or our experience with the type of fabric/ finishing of the dress that it will need to be cleaned with care but at the customers own risk  

  9. Designer items  

    1. Garments and items are inspected prior to cleaning and the risk of cleaning specific items may be at the risk of the customer. This will be mentioned to the customer and one of the team will show you online or send you a copy of the “at own customer risk” terms and conditions 

    2. We always read the care instructions prior to any cleaning process but  

    3. There may be additional costs associated with designer garments and items as they often require additional hand treatments, cleaning and finishing. This cost will be highlight prior to the cleaning process 

  10. Plastic and metal reduction  

    1. As part of our aim to aspects and impact from our work activities will encourage the use of reusable bags, plastic / metal hangers and covers. This may be brought to your attention from the team or communications  

  11. Carpet cleaning machine hire  

    1. Prior to the hire the customer will need to have provided all the customer details including, name, address, email, phone number and pay for the hire, using the website payment system, BACS or a debit or credit card for security purposes  

    2. The machine should only be used with approved shampoo fluids. We recommend ideal and M2Care fluids which are stocked in the shop. Should the machine be used with non-approved field or chemicals any damage to the machine or accessories which require repaired or replacement will be at the cost of the customer 

    3. How to use the machine will be explained before hire and it will be highlighted that the machine shall be returned (use checklist below) and in a safe and clean working condition. Any damage or where the machine requires cleaning will be at the customer cost.

    4. Hire & Use At Own Risk - As part of any hire agreement we can't guarantee the results by using one of our machines. Our machines are maintained, they are inspected after each use, we provide details on approved  carpet cleansers& shampoos. 

  12. Carpet cleaning machine return checklist is  

    1. ​Empty the base tank by tilting the machine over to drain any residual clean / shampoo water out

    2. Empty the white recovery tank and clean as necessary  

    3. Clean the inside clear dome and the filter  

    4. Disconnect the and tool hose/s if still attached and reconnect the carpet cleaning hoses  

    5. Make sure the bottom of the machine and the brush are free of any carpet residue, lint or other obstructions 

    6. Wind the cable back around the handle and secure plug in place 

    7. Pack the hand tool into its carry bag, Do not forget to return the hand tool to the shop as there will be a cost if not return to the customer for any missing items 

    8. Undue damage or loss of the machine or accessories will be at the cost of the customer​

  13. ​Cleaning with care but at customers own risk – terms and conditions 

    1. At Fairview Cleaners we have a trained experienced team regarding fabric technology. We are passionate about selecting the best treatment, cleaning, hand finishing process to help revitalise and re texture valued garments.  We care about each item we clean, how we treat and look after all customer garments. We work with the guidelines of guild of cleaners and launderers to ensure we are handling items with the best process and cleaning practices alongside the label aftercare guidance

    2. Unfortunately, some things are outside our control and some leading brands still have aftercare cleaning problems with their fabric/s, the materials used in the manufacturing process, the colour dyes used or finishing treatments. While there may be guidance or pictographs on the aftercare label not all items have been laboratory tested or meet the appropriate BSI / ISO standards. We understand that over time garments show a little wear with use, so we may also highlight a stain/mark, missing buttons/ fasteners, loss of colour, or fabric fibre damage that may affect the hand finishing and appearance of the garment

    3. ​We pride on being the best at caring for the things that you enjoy and love. That’s why we want you to make the decision on to proceed with the risk of cleaning, if we are uncertain on the finished appearance and we never what to hand finish an item which is below your expectations or our high standards.   

    4. We would want to bring to your attention one or more of the following points;  

      1. The item has no reliable aftercare information labelled or it is unlikely to have been tested to relevant BSI / ISO standards and the fabric could be damage or experience colour transfers  

      2. There are marks or stains which may affect the finished appearance  

      3. The fabric or stitching has some abrasion, tears, rips, splits 

      4. There may be some de-lamination, shrinkage or interlinings issues with the type of fabric/s 

      5. The care process to clean the item may be of detriment to the fabric appearance, colour or shape 

      6. There may be buttons, fasteners, beading missing or damaged 

      7. We will verbally confirm what our concerns are and will give you a copy of this notice or show you the online version as acknowledgement of the advice. The notice and disclaimer will need to be acknowledged prior to the cleaning process.  

      8. Disclaimer Notice: Fairview Cleaners does not guarantee or accept any liability should the garment fail in any of the above points and you accept that this notice as a waiver of your statutory rights, this waiver will only operate in relation to the garment discussed or mentioned in correspondences.   

      9. Typical Cleaning Symbols:     

  14. Code of practice  

    1. Our team, vehicles and premises are fully insured and carry out the cleaning / services within appropriate licenses  

    2. Any damage to garments will be compensated within the guidance used for the guild of cleaners & launderers. Any compensation payment subject to fair wear and tear depreciation  

    3. In the very rare event of loss or damage to a garment or item, Fairview Cleaners will pay compensation in line with the Fair Compensation Guidelines as advised by The Guild of Cleaners & Launderers.  The Guild of Cleaners & Launderers indicate that fair and reasonable compensation be paid on the basis of allowing for wear and tear and the age of the item 

    4. In the event of a dispute which requires arbitration, abide by an independent report carried out by a competent, test house recommended by the The Guild of Cleaners & Launderers, on a 'loser pays' basis. 

  15. Complaints Process  

    1. In the unlikely event of a customer complaint relating to a garment being cleaned or service received, we would advise on the below points and understand the general expectations  

    2. Please raise any concerns you may have with us as soon as you are aware to help give us the best possible chance to resolve any issues or concerns raised. The Guild of Cleaners & Launderers advise that, should there be a problem with an item cleaned, it should be returned to the shop within three months of the date of cleaning, with the attached cleaning ticket 

    3. The shop manager will investigate any complaint promptly and work to find a resolution at the point of complaint 

    4. Where appropriate Fairview Cleaners will reprocess, free of charge, any article whereby the customer feels the cleaning process is unsatisfactory as long as the item has not been worn and it has been stored suitably  

    5. Should your complaint not be able to be resolved within the shop by the team or manager this will be raised with the owner 

    6. In the event of damage, where we are unable to determine the cause of damage, your garment or item may be sent for testing at the cost of the basis of the 'loser pays'. It may help resolve the dispute or compliant by returning the garment or item to the supplier with a supporting letter from Fairview Cleaners regarding that the care instructions were applied; and the garment or item may not have been tested as stated within the care instructions.  

    7. Some suppliers may not be able to provide the test certification to support the care instructions as will reimburse the purchase in accordance with their own policy 

    8. Fairview Cleaners does not accept liability of damage or loss where we demonstrate we have followed the care instructions / or where we have highlighted to the customer “cleaning with care but at customers own risk” 

    9. In the event of a dispute which requires arbitration, we will agree to abide by the findings of an independent report carried out by a competent test house recommended by our trade association, the guild of dry cleaners and launderers 

    10. In the event of loss or damage to an item that is unable to be resolved satisfactorily, Fairview Cleaners will pay compensation in line with the Fair Compensation Guidelines as provided by The Guild of Cleaners & Launderers 

    11. In order to process a claim, you will need to provide the age of item and proof of purchase. If no proof of purchase is available, investigation will take place to verify price, age and value. This information is usually available online or from clothing manufacturers and retailers. However, in exceptional circumstances if this cannot be arrived at, compensation may be reasonably restricted to £100. 

  16. Fairview Cleaners may be also referred to as we, company, business, Fairview Cleaners Ltd, for purposes of the terms and conditions  

  17. The terms of condition may also be referred to as terms of service  

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