Trainer Cleaning Service 


Put The Sparkle Back Into Your Trainers 

£ 15 - 30 


Our experts apply their skills to inspect and spot clean each trainers to put the sparkle back in them. We'll select the best process and agents based on the trainer material and care instructions. 


Stain Removal and Cleaning

We use a range of different stain removal and cleaning agents to help remove stains and marks to they sparkle again. We know its important for your trainers to look great and our Fairview Cleaners team are here to help.

Laces Cleaning

Laces are normally removed, soaked, clean and dried. 

Example Cleaning Results 

The pair of trainers on the top photo show dirty left and clean right. 

Service Time

Same day can be achieved but if the stains or laces need soaking it we may need 48hrs.