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Frequently asked Questions:

Q: I have sensitive skin what detergents brands to you use in the service washes and laundry?

A: We now have a range of brands to help get the best results for all our service wash customers and those that want to buy ethical sensitive detergents / conditioners like BioD or Miniml. Just ask about our refills bottles of Miniml so you can have the same great laundry detergents we use at Fairview Cleaners at your home. Pop into the shop or ask for a bottle on our door2door service. #miniml #BioD #Ethical #Vegan #crueltyfree #palmoilfree #biodegradable #closeloopsupplychain #sulphatefree #laundry #servicewash #justasksharon 

Q: Do you sell Nikwax reproofing spray or laundry detergent ?

A: Yes we you can by the same laundry products we commercial use in our service washes and reproofing jackets / out door gear. We use both MINIML  for our vegan detergents and Ideal Manufacturing for most of the speciality professional products like reproofing liquids, reproofing sprays, stain removal. These products offer better commercial results and because we buy them in large volumes we can retail them at better value then brands like Vanish or Nikwax. If you are already having a delivery of dry cleaning or laundry why not try out a few bottles as we cover Chorley, Euxton, Buckshaw, Buckshaw Village, Wheelton, Duxbury, Adlington, Anderton, Blackrod, Horwich. We used commercial refill pumps so you can top up your bottles here saving the planet one bottle at a time #fairviewcleaners #ideal  #miniml #refill #refilme #reduceplastic #reproofing #detergent #laundry #servicewash 


Q: Do you clean trainers, my white trainers have marks on?

A: Yes we spot 💥 clean and restore trainers. Using specially selected cleaning agents, soft brushes/cloths and pressurised air and water guns, we'll get them looking great in no time. Laces are removed, soaked, cleaned and dried. Our COVID secure Door2Door service Chorley, Euxton, Buckshaw, Buckshaw Village, Wheelton, Duxbury, Adlington, Anderton, Blackrod, Horwich. #tainercleaning #trainercleaningnearme #spotcleaning


Q: I am looking to find professional reliable ironing services near me, can you pick up and deliver?

A: Yes we iron everything on site using professional equipment and deliver Door2Door using our two commercial vehicles for pick up and deliveries within 4 miles of our shop for free when you spend £20.  Our a hassle free COVID secure Door2Door delivery and pick up service is easy to book online at any time. Our professional ironing service covers Chorley, Euxton, Buckshaw, Buckshaw Village, Wheelton, Duxbury, Adlington, Anderton, Blackrod, Horwich. #ironingservicenearme

Q: Can you pick up a pair of curtains for cleaning in Chorley?

A: Yes we have a hassle free COVID secure Door2Door delivery and pick up service. We cover Chorley, Euxton, Buckshaw, Buckshaw Village, Wheelton, Duxbury, Adlington, Anderton, Blackrod, Horwich. The cost is based on the weight of the curtains and is just £8 per kilo.  If you are unsure, please just ask and message the team who are here to help and deliver Chorley' #1 dry cleaning service. #chorleycurtains #chorleydrycleaning #chorleydrycleaner #door2door #drycleaningnearme


Q: Can you shorten curtains?

A: Yes our seamstress can reduce the length of curtains and we can re-steam them so they look perfect and like new. experienced. During COVID 19 we have been making our customer curtains look great and saving them money, so they can re-use their favour curtains again. We clean we deliver every time #curtains #drycleaning #alteration #alterationservice #seamstress #drycleaner #laundryservice #laundry #chorleyalterations #buckshavillagealerations #euxtonalterations #horwichalterations #fairviewcleaners

Q: Do you clean prom dresses for dress agencies?

A: Yes we are promoted by preloved dress agents and dress shops. Fairview Cleaners are the local experts at dry cleaning dresses and suits.  If you have a party press, prom dress or gown we are here to help it look just like new. We support reusing, recycling, and saving beautiful looking clothes which someone else with love just as much as you. #drycleaners #drycleaning #preloved #dressagency #promdress #gowns #chorleydrycleaners #chorleydrycleaning #horwichdrycleaners #buckshawdrycleaners #servicewashnearme


Q: Do you service wash holiday clothes?

A: Yes it doesn't matter if you are #staycation or popping aboard we can laundry your holiday clothes same day if you need them quickly. We are happy to take you suitcase and repack them with beautiful cleaned washes, dried and folded clothes. Just ask if you need anything ironing. We are here to help your holidays become hassle free.  #servicewash #laundry #laundryroom #holiday #holidaylaundry #holidayclothes #justask #holidayironing #ironing #chorleyservicewash #chorleylaundry #horwichlaundry #buckshawlaundry


Q: Do you any handy tips for stain removal at home?

A: Yes we post domestic tips on how to remove stains and odours in our Wednesday Wisdom blog which you can find using this link. We highlight some of the products you may have at home and how to use them to get some great laundry results. If you have any concerns doing the stain removal, we remove over 40 common types of stains using commercials cleaning agents in our shop. Just contact the team or pop in. #stainremoval #stainremovaltips #wednesdaywisdom #blog #chorleydrycleaners #drycleaner #drycleaners #drycleaning #stainremovalnearme


Q: Do you sell carpet cleaning shampoo?

A: Yes we stock the best commercial grade carpet cleaning shampoos and cleansers available in the Chorley, Horwich and Buckshaw areas. We use three main products for our Rug Doctor Mighty Pro and Karcher machines, which are low foam extraction cleanser, ultra antibacterial shampoo and all round shampoo which has cleangard technology to help protect high wear areas. Our customers consistently feedback that our service, machines and shampoos are do much better than you can get in the Chorley supermarkets.  We can drop the machines off at your door to take away the hassle of picking them up and putting them in the boot of your car. #carpetcleaner #carpetcleanerhire #chorleycarpetcleaner #carpetcleanermachinehire #chorley #horwich #buckshaw #euxton #carpetcleaningnearme

Q: Do you clean goose jackets and designer jackets?

A: Yes our team is trusted by many customers to clean designer jackets with goose or other insulation fillings. Not many dry cleaners do but we can always love seeing them in our store. They do require specialised hand treatment, cleaning cycles and care so it will take a little longer to get the right result. #drycleaning #experts #drycleaningnearme

Q: Do you clean prom dresses? I have a prom dress that I have used once and would like it dry cleaning so I can sell it?

A: We specialise in cleaning prom dresses and gowns. We always take extra care to ensure each dress in cleaned within the label care instructions and we follow our stain removal knowledge on the any marks, make up or liquids so we apply  the right technique, agent and skills required to make the prom dress look like new and sparkle again. #promdress #partydress #gown 


Q: Do you have a commercial shampoo that can clean commercial carpets in a cafe?

A: Yes we stock All Round shampoo which has Cleanard technology to give carpets back there colour and shine while protecting the fibres against grease and dirt. #Rugdoctor #Karcher #carpetcleanerhire 


Q: I have restaurant business do you do a linen laundry service?

A: Yes we are the local laundry experts for SME business laundry in the Chorley. We process both domestic and commercial linen all from our premises in Adlington and deliver Door2Door. We have both thermal and chemical hygienic linen laundry service and four bar steam press machines to give a great finished look. #B2B #Lineservice #Hygieniclaundry #busineslaundry #partner #Chorley #buisnesslinen #carpetcleaningmachinehire #COVIDsecure


Q: I am going back to work do you do a shirt laundry service?

A: Yes we launder and iron work shirts and blouses for many commuters in the Chorley, Horwich and Buckshaw areas. we also do a back to work offer to help with a suit / dress and five shirts or blouses for just £20. Book a Door2Door collection/delivery for when you are back home for a hassle-free service from Fairview Cleaners. #Door2Door #Delivery #backtowork #shirtservice #wecare #wealwaysdeliver


Q: Do you pick up and deliver to the door if we are shielding?

A: yes, it’s just a few clicks to book a pickup / collection appointment time, you will get a confirmation email and we'll be with you within 45 mins of the time slot.  We will maintain social distancing and safe handling of items. In the shop we have separation, disinfectant / cleansing measures in place to help reduce COVID 19 transmission. #covide19 #covidsecure 


Q: ARE YOU OPEN for dry cleaning and service wash / laundry / ironing?

A: yes, we are COVID Secure business in the Chorley area - we apply safe distancing in the shop and the team are taking extra hygienic cleaning care to keep everyone safe. While other dry cleaning and laundry businesses shut up, we kept open serving our community with essential dry cleaning and laundry services in the Chorley, Horwich and Buckshaw areas. Our team reviews each day’s dry cleaning and laundry requirements to ensure we reduce COVID transmission risks and support our shielding customers with great safe and secure dry cleaning, laundry and ironing services.  #laundry #drycleaning #service wash #ironing #chorleydrycleaning #chorleyironing #chorleylaundry #chorleyservicewash


The Team have applied additional controls for increased personal hygiene, shop cleaning, thermal and chemical hygienic washes and shop  social distancing  / slightly reduce opening times so we have deliver and pick up Door2Door, electronic payment only and increase use of safe pickup and delivery service for the isolated customers. If you need us to drop off a chemist order or shopping just message the team on the contact us link. Thanks for your continued support, Team Fairview. #delivery #alwaysdeliver #door2door #pickup #dropoff #collection 


Q: Can you to clean my designer dress and prom dresses?

A: Yes, we are the local dry-cleaning experts and customer trust our team to clean their designer dresses, prom dresses, bride made dresses and wedding dresses. We are fully insured and have been rated as Chorley's best dry cleaner and laundry business on two independent rating sites. #promdress #promdresses #eveningdress #drycleaner #drycleaning #chorleydrycleaners #chorleydrycleaning 


Q: Do you do same day dry cleaning?

A: Yes, we can clean and steam press dry cleaning in day. It’s always best to discuss your needs with the team so we can ensure our service delivery exceeds your expectations. Our dry-cleaning team is on site 6 days a week to help with your dry-cleaning needs. #samedayservice #drycleaning #chorleydrycleaning #chorleylaundry #chorleyironing

Q: Do you dry clean dresses and suits on site or send them away?

A: We are one of the few dry cleaners locally in the Chorley area who have all the commercial cleaning machines for dry cleaning and laundry all on one site in store.  The skilled team on site in Adlington care about cleaning and returning your dresses back so they look great again and ready to wear. We are Chorley's dry-cleaning experts and you can trust us as we always deliver high standards of dry cleaning and laundry. We pride ourselves on being an independent business who cares about our customers in the Chorley area. Many dry-cleaning customers also use our ironing, duvet cleaning and curtain cleaning services. #drycleaningonsite #expertdrycleaning #onsitelaundry #laundryservices #drycleaning 

Q: Do you clean wedding dresses?

A: Yes, we are the local experts and can advise, clean and stream press each dress to make them look great again.  It’s always best to discuss your needs with our expert dry cleaners, so we can ensure our service exceeds your expectations. Come into our shop and you will feel confident that we will provide the right cleaning process for your wedding dress, bridesmaids dress or flower girl dress. We are Chorley's expert dry cleaner for all bride wear and our customers trust us to recommend Fairview Cleaners to their friends and family #trust #weddingdresscleaning #bridlewear #flowergirl #bridemaiddress #wecareweclean

Q:Do you have an ironing service?

Yes we have an excellent ironing service supporting many customers in the Chorley area, with a fast turnaround! Check our price list for more information. Ask about our breathable reusable covers to help reduce single use plastics. Our team really care about how your clothes look so our ironing is done all on site in store using the best equipment. We hang shirts, blouses and knitwear on metal hangers and expertly fold all other items. The team love to take away your weekly laundry hassles and make bed linen look fantastic for a good night sleep. #ironingservice #laundry #linen #experts #chorleyironing #chorleyironingservice 


Q: How quickly can your dry clean a suit and evening dress?  

A: We aim to provide the highest hand finish cleaning on site, so ideally would like to have your garments for 24-48 hours. However same day cleaning can be arranged if we know about in advance and have the garment before 9.30 am. We always try to meet your expectations and needs. #samedaycleaning #samedaydrycleaning #dry cleaning

Q: Do you do same day laundry or service washing?

A: Yes, do lots of same day laundry and service washes to help our customer’s needs. Our team are ready to help you turn around your laundry needs quickly. It’s always best to discuss your needs with the team so we can tailor laundry workload and meet expectations. Note some items just need a little more time to get the great finish we want you to have but we will advise you on booking in the laundry, dry cleaning using our knowledge of the materials and fabrics.  #drycleaning #laundry #ironing #experts #wecareweclean #samedayservice

Q: How much does a laundry service wash cost?

A: a typical service wash, dry and fold load is £11 but we wash, fold and iron anything from individual shirts to commercial loads for clients/ partners. The price is tailored to the capacity of the commercial machines can fit in and the mixture of colours and fabrics as sometimes separate washing loads are required.  #servicewash #laundry 

Q: Do you clean linen for businesses?

A: We have numerous business to business clients in the Chorley area and do everything from sport climbing harnesses, race suits, professional ironing, restaurant linen and B&B bed linen. We can quickly respond to B2B requests and use commercial cleaning products and agents like to get the right finish. Our commercial machines can cater for thermal hygienic washes for high temperature cleaning of work wear like scrubs or using specific emulsifiers for linen cloths in restaurants. We have a dedicate online booking to make life easy so our business partners can get on with running their business. #b2b #businesslinen #cafelaundry #restaurantlaundry 

Q: What is a service wash?

A: It is where we wash, dry and fold your clothes for you. We can also iron them, so they are ready to wear straight away. We also wash dry and iron for our customers too. Our service wash machines are on all day and we clean duvets, pillows and sleeping bags too. #servicewash #laundry #


Q: Do you provide a laundry service for cleaning duvets and bed linen?  

A: We are the local laundry experts and have great commercial laundry machines for all your needs. Everything from a cotton sheet, pillowcase to a duck down duvet.

Q: Do you clean sleeping bags?

A: Yes, we have large commercial machines to wash and dry sleeping bags. If you are clamping or wild camping during a staycation its always better having a great clean and fresh smelling sleeping bag to help you get a great night’s sleep. We are COVID secure and use laundry cleansers to ensure your sleeping bag is beautifully clean and dry ready for your next camping trip. #camping #staycation #sleepingbag #sleepingbagcleaning #servicewash #laundry 

Q: Do you clean football kits?

A: Yes, our team can help support your team to look great and smell fresh. With the return of football and sport we would love you help your team look great with our kit service wash.  Starting from £11 let us do the cleaning so you guys do the playing., #football #footballkit #kitwash #footballkitwash #servicewash

Q: Do you provide a laundry shirt service in the Chorley area?

A: Yes, we have many professional clients who use our laundry service for their weekly business shirts and suits. We even do a pickup and delivery service to help make sure you always have a fresh and sharp looking shirt / blouse ready for work. 

Q: Do you provide dry cleaning and ironing and delivery out of hours?

A: Yes, lots of working parents use our pickup and delivery service which it hassle free and just takes a couple of click to book in the collection and delivery appointments. We use a diary system from our website booking platform so you can do this from your settee in an evening. Our door2door collections and delivery appointments in the Chorley areas are Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday and run up from 08.00 until 19.15. #drycleaningdelivery #drycleaningcollection #drycleaning #laundry #door2door #chorleydrycleaning 

Q: What kind of garment repairs and alterations can you do?

A: We offer a full range of services from simple broken zips, loose hems or missing buttons to shortening & lengthening hems or sleeves, replacing garment new zips. We also take in or let out curtain and much more. Most of the more challenging alterations are undertaken off site with a professional seamstress.  


Q: Can I hire a carpet cleaner for the day?

A: Yes, we have the market leading carpet cleaning machine on site for hire, customers tend to hire for either 24 or 28 hrs. Our team will demonstrate how to use and recommend the best solution for cleaning your home carpets  

Q: Can you drop off the carpet cleaner machine Chorley?  

A: Yes all you need to do is click the link for carpet cleaning machine hire and book  a time/ day for either the Karcher or Rug Doctor machine, include the no. of  1ltr shampoo bottles  and we'll drop it anywhere in the Chorley and surrounding areas like Buckshaw, Euxton, Astley Village, Duxbury, Wheelton, Adlington, Health Charnock, Anderton, Blackrod and Horwich,.


Q: What carpet cleaning shampoo do you recommend?  

A: We have tested many different liquids and recommend ideal shampoo and pre-spotter for us in both the Karcher and Rug Doctor machines.

Q: Will your Carpet Cleaning machine clean upholstery? 
A: Yes, our carpet cleaners have attachments for upholstery and stairs.  The special formulated cleaning solution can be used on both upholstery and carpets.  So there is no need to change the attachments or cleaning solution.

Q: What information do I need to bring with me when I hire a machine? 
A: We just require you to set up your customer details and make card payment or BACS transfer.

Q: Can I just come in and hire a carpet cleaning machine? 
A: Yes, of course you can if one of the machines is available but why not try our online carpet cleaning hire booking page to help ensure you reserve the machine you want to hire, when you want to hire it.

Q: Do you sell breathable garment covers?

A: Yes we have breathable reusable covers for sale at £2 and £2.50 just message us and we'll add them to your order. These really help reduce single plastic usage and it gives you a great cover for your garments. 

Q: Do you pick up washing and ironing in Chorley?  

A: Our pickup and delivery service for laundry, dry cleaning, ironing covers Chorley and surrounding areas like Buckshaw, Euxton, Astley Village, Duxbury, Wheelton, Adlington, Health Charnock, Anderton, Blackrod and Horwich. 

Q: Can All stains be removed in dry cleaning or washing?

A: There is no magic used in the shop, but we do like to our skills, innovative cleaning equipment and solutions to get the best results possible. While we cannot promise to remove all stains, we always get a better outcome if we receive the garment quickly before other treatments or cleaning has been tried first. Contact us via the website link or call the shop on 01257 480469