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Alteration Service: 

Alteration Service - We can take up, let down or just repair one of your old favourite outfits

£ Various

Alteration and Repair Services:

Wedding dress and bridal wear alterations 

Repairing and shortening curtains

Lining curtains or altering blinds 

Shortening and lengthening trousers

Zip replacements

Button and hem repairs

Minor holes and stitching

Clothing alteration service 

Seamstress Work

Our alteration service is based from our store in Adlington, Chorley. With the nature of the work and space needed for alterations in our busy dry cleaning and laundry business, our expert seamstress carries out the work off site, this means unfortunately, we cannot offer a fitting service here on site.

Service Time

Alteration turnaround time can be 24 hours for simple stitching alterations or repairs, for more involved work it can take longer which need specific materials, zips or buttons. Where possible try to allow a week before they are needed to help us achieve the best result with the repair and deliver beautiful results. 


You'll receive a e-ticket on booking in and also get an its ready email alert when we have it back in store in our Adlington shop. 

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Our Fairview Cleaners Alteration Service Covers: 

Adlington, Chorley, Euxton, Buckshaw Village, Wheelton, Duxbury, Blackrod, Horwich, 

Alterations Questions:

Q: Can you shorten a pair of trousers?

A: Yes we can reduce and alter trouser lengths, we would just need to know what is the inside leg measurement so we can do the alteration

Q:Do you clean and reline curtains? 

A:yes we are the local experts 

Q:I have a wedding dress that needs taking in could you do the alteration?


Q:Can you repair a trouser pocket?


Q:Could you replace a zip on a jacket?


Q:  have some button missing of a dress could you replace them?


Q:Do you provide an alteration service near Chorley?


We are here to help, just ask!

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