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Dry Cleaning, Expert Care



Expert Cleaning With Care On Site from £18.50


Just Because Its Got To Look Good from £13.90

Expert Dry Cleaning Service  

We are rated #no1 for dry cleaning services in the Chorley area, we lead other follow the high stand of dry cleaning stain removal and hand finishing garments and linens.

Our dry cleaners is the oldest and still the best dry cleaners in Chorley. We have been delivering expert dry cleaning since 1964


We support many Chorley based businesses with professional dry cleaning and laundry services covering retail or resellers of bridal wear, prom dresses & suits, restaurants and café with table cloths, napkins, and sport rehab or beauty therapy with fluffy great smelling towels.  

If you need a Dry Cleaning Near Me can now use Barrica In The Park in Chorley or AMS Laundry Services in Horwich for  DROP & GO collection service. As a partner of Fairview Cleaners you'll still get the same great prices, expert dry cleaning and laundry services as you get in our Adlington store or on-line Door2Door. 

On Site Cleaning Experts 

Independent and proud to have the experts & commercial laundry machines here on site in 

Adlington, always ensuring you receive the best professional dry cleaning at a great price. The big corporates like Timpsons and Johnsons don't clean locally but we employee and train local people to become the best in class dry cleaners. If you need dry cleaning or laundry services in Chorley pop in and see our experts. 


Dry Cleaning Care

We understand how important it is to care for that lovely dress or sharp looking suit. Our expert team will ensure:

  • We inspect each item

  • Clean within the label care instructions

  • Apply hand treatment with any pre spotting of marks

  • Select the correct dry cleaning or laundry process that gives the best result

  • Apply 4+ bars of steam to help re-texture the fabric and hand finish each item to perfection

  • We are able to clean and care for every item on site with the equipment installed and skills of the team @fairviewcleaners

  • Offer reusable breathable covers to help reduce plastic waste

Designer Brands

We care and clean hundreds of designer gowns, prom dresses to bridal wear making sure our expert cleaning processes and hand finishing provide the best service possible. All the cleaning is done by experts on site and to the care instructions within the makers instructions. Sometimes we may to take extra care with a garment because we know that materials could require additional treatment and individual cleaning processes or finishing

Infection Prevention and Anti Bacterial 

The dry cleaning process is more involved than wet cleaning due to the garment preparation, type of machine, cleaning cycles and hand finishing. The different cleaning and pre-spotter agents are great at moving dirt, stains and smells while the higher drying temperature kill bacteria.

Trust the Local Dry Cleaning Experts

Our team is relied on by our customers once our customers have used us once they never go back to the expensive branded high street cleaners. Our personal care and affordable cleaning prices helps us stand us out from the rest. We are Chorley's No1 choice of expert dry cleaner and launderer. 

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Our steam trouser and jacket cabinet also re-textures the fabric with 4+ bars of steam. 

Same Day Dry Cleaning 

Need same day dry cleaning just ask, it normally helps having 48 hrs to get the best dry cleaning result but we’ll do all we can to help you hit that deadline. Just get in touch with the team. 

We may ask to have the item longer to either help get the best result or to help reduce the environmental impacts and energy consumption with ensuing our dry cleaning machine runs efficiently


It always helps to have urgent garments as early as possible in the day to make sure the team have enough time to take good care of your suit or dress. We supporting Chorley's community with fantastic dry cleaning and laundry services. 

Sharon our lead dry cleaner is an expert with party or prom dresses. 

Breathable Covers 

Just ask about our breathable covers which helps reduce single use plastics from just £3.30 or £4.60 for longer dress covers. We aim to reduce our reliance on single use plastics by 50%

Leading Cleaning Products

We use professional cleaning products and brands from Cole and Wilson and Ideal Manufacturing. This ensures we get the best outcomes with your cleaning so you look and feel great again.

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