Meet the Team

We Care, We Clean Everything On Site With Our Fairview Passion






The Team


Janet One of the Founders 

Philip, Owner 

Sharon, Manager, Expert Dry Cleaners / Launderer

Holly, Business Development and Launderer

Diane, Expert Dry Cleaner and Launderer 

Annie, Expert Launderer 

The team at Fairview Cleaners are passionate at providing the best dry cleaning and laundry services in the Chorley area. We have fantastic laundry and dry cleaning equipment on site and are the local experts in what we do and know.


We enjoy enjoy going the extra mile with our delivery service so customers and business partners love the hassle free affordable Laundry Door2Door. 

Family Owned Since 1964 (lead by the Watson's & team)

Registered in England and Wales 08797192

Store 01257 480469 Or

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