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Get outdoors and improve your mental health

What is better than a fabulous walk around Rivington or jog on the trails or paths over lead mines valley? Not much really but having a dry freshly reproofed jacket which is water proof really helps on those wet days.

Don't let the autumn / winter rains put you off from enjoying our great outdoor walks nearby, so put on that jacket and head for the hills enjoy whatever adventure is out here. You never know the country pub /café may be open on the way back for a quick coffee, cake or a drink.......

There are many reasons to go outdoors even more so in the current climate with the impacts Coronavirus is having on our mental health. The great Mind charity explains really well the benefits of getting outdoors even for a little walk.

If your jacket needs a little help because it is wetting out and not repelling the water off, here at Fairview Cleaners we have great CFC solvent free fabric protectors like Nikwax and Ideal Repel and Repel Air to help prevent wetting out of your jacket.

Waterproof jackets have a Durable Water Repellent (DWR) applied to the outside to provide some water repellence. Most water proof jacket like Berghaus have a water proof system in layers and the taped liner which is often be what stops the water getting onto your mid layers. By keeping you outer layer dry it helps prevent water soaking on the fabric outer layer (wetting out) and making the jacket feel cold and heavy.

At Fairview Cleaners we use selected reproofing manufactures that have CFC / solvent free either by using a wash in or spray on solutions. Most manufactures are fazing out the more harmful DWR solutions they apply to the fabrics at the manufacturing process in the next next couple of years but we are ahead of the pack with our reproofing services being CFC and solvent free today.

I really support and admire Sir David Attenborough short video above for both his love of the planet and everything on it. I respect his views on reducing waste and the impacts we have by buying new things. Why not renew your jacket water repellence properties instead of replacing the jacket and reduce your waste. As David says “Stop waste. Stop waste of any kind. Stop wasting power, stop wasting food, stop wasting plastic. Don’t waste, this is a precious world. Celebrate and cherish.”

In October 2020 we are launching a laundry refill station to reduce even more plastic waste so you can buy the reproofing product we use. This gives you even more options so you can pick from our expert reproofing service or have a go at reproofing of your jacket at home. Simplify brign you jacket into Sharon or Annie or buy/ bring a bottle at our refil me station in the shop.

So get outdoors today and improve your mental health, improve your mood further by having a dry warm jacket.

Thanks for all your support from the team

Fairview Cleaners

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