Wedding Dress Cleaning With Care 

Let it Sparkle Again Before Boxing It Up

Dress Cleaned from £70

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Chorley's Wedding Dress Cleaning Experts

We have our own on-site wedding dress cleaning expert, you can trust Sharon who has over 11 years experience to look after your special dress. We care about each stage of our cleaning process from the first inspection, treatment, cleaning and final hand finishing to ensure your dress is in safe hands

Our bridal care is second to none as we can care for the whole wedding party, including sharp looking three piece suits, gorgeous bridesmaid dresses, cute flower girl dresses and the main beautiful wedding dresses. We are here to make the post wedding clean up as easy as possible for you, with our affordable dry cleaning service.

We understand how important the wedding dress is and we love cleaning bridal gowns to the highest possible standard. Our team is passionate about restoring wedding dresses to look so beautiful again. We know you'll be happy with the result. 

Cleaning Process 

Sometimes perfection can't be rushed, A bit like the selection of your wedding dresses. Dependant on the wedding dress designer's choice of fabrics and style of dress the cleaning process can vary. The more integrate the wedding dress the longer each cleaning care stage takes.


Our team will inspect each dress and if its where possible let us know what may have caused any marks on it,as this always helps our team select the right approached to pre-treatment, using the best agents and technique with the cleaning process. 

Pre Treatment 

Our team use many different techniques, agents and cleaning steps to help get the best finish possible. We will clean within the wedding dress care instructions and using our expert skills.

It always helps us to start cleaning any dress as soon as possible if there are any marks on them, this helps to remove them without comprising the material or the finished results. Occasionally where the materials are delicate or the stains are fast we may not be able to get to a perfect result. 

If you know what may have cause the mark this really helps as we can remove over 40 types of stains. Pin pointing what the mark is will help direct us to the best approach and technique. 

Cleaning Care

Each dress can be every individual and we care for them in that way. Dependant on the material, layering and accessories like beads, sequins and lace we will approach the hand cleaning and the machine cleaning steps as appropriate. 

The cleaning agents, timings and temperature can be fairly critical so we over see each stage to get great results. 

Steam Re-texturing 

After the wedding dress cleaning stage, each panel is re-inspected prior to the steaming process just in case we need to treat an area or clean the dress again. The steaming process really helps with removing creases and re-texturing the fabric to make it look fantastic again. Its one of our favourite steps as we get to start to get see the results of the hard work taken prior to boxing the wedding dress for collection. 

Wedding Boxing

We pride ourselves this services. Our selection of wedding dress boxes offers great value and they help preserve the dresses in a sealed environment away from day light which can discolour the fabric. 

We only use acid free tissue paper and specially designed acid free cardboard boxes. 

Arranging the dress in the box is an art and one which takes time to do correctly, as the presentation is important but also to help preserve the dress for years to come.

We have boxes from £33 and the size of box depends on the type, style and size of wedding dress. 

Cleaning Duration 

Cleaning wedding dresses normally take longer than a dry cleaning cycle and we always want to get the best result possible We may need your dress for up to a week or two depended on the materials and any markings. 

Sleek designs, fabrics and less complex layering can be quicker to clean.  

We can clean a standard dress in a day or two but would need to inspect the dress before hand. Boxing up a dress can take 30 mins to get the right result in tissue paper and how it is presented. 

Trust Fairview Cleaners

As Chorley's wedding dress cleaning experts we have a excellent reputation and we get great results with cleaning wedding dresses. We could always recommend acid free boxing and paper to help storage afterwards. 

If you want bring your dress to Sharon for a chat about the cleaning process, hand finishing and acid free boxing.


Our customers recommend us to their friends because of our personal and careful cleaning processes of all bridal wear. #wecarewecare #weddingdresscleaningexperts #bridalgown