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Is Refill The New Recycle?

I think we have all been at the same exact spot, asking yourself looking into your recycle bin "I need to reduce the amount of plastic I put out for recycling".

About 32% of plastic is recycled

Not all plastics you put in your council bin are recyclable, even the British Plastics Federation acknowledge that 32% of all plastic are recycled and it does raise to 59% for bottles.

Local councils like Lancashire have recycling advice and its is better better. Take a look their "what happens to your recycling" clip about their part of the journey a plastic bottle takes to be recycled, it feels like a lot of effort and doesn't cover the remanufacturing or repurposing processes.

Is refill the new recycle?

Well it has a valuable part in making a huge difference to unnecessary waste on resources, carbon in the supply chain when buying local and that is found in our environment. It can also reduce the amount of harsh or toxic chemicals corporates still put in products to make them more marketable. Larger brands can still cost the earth because of chemical or ingredients, where they are sourced, made and supplied.

While Fairview Cleaners is a small family lead business we have sustainable improvement plan to continually reduce our impacts & waste. Part of that is a refillable hub called refilme where we share the commercial & ECO range of products we use in cleaning processes plus some that the team use at home.

In 2020 fairview cleaners reduced over 400kg of plastic waste & also reduced the impacts of unnecessary miles in our supply chain with UK partner agreements. The team continually adapt our products based on performance, their ECO value, plus our customers kind user feedback.

Fairview Cleaners and refilme have carefully selected three main partner brands which fit our performance requirements for results, environmental values while achieving a great user experience. All three partners are UK & family lead business like ours.

Nikwax for outdoor cleaning & waterproofing, yes you can refill your tech wash and washing bottles for less than half price. We are Chorley's premium stockist.

Miniml a new fabulous Yorkshire based ECO company, we use their laundry liquid in every standard service wash in our laundry business because it has fantastic green cleaning power. refilme stock their range of cleaning - laundry - personal in both PET and glass.

Fill are the ECO side of a family run UK based company called Ideal. We have used their award winning powders and liquids for years. you'll see both brand in our shop. We love the refillable ECO laundry powder, destainer, bicarb of soda, citric acid and natural cleaning soap.

Miniml and Fill run a closed loop supply chain which means the 200 /20ltr tubs are returned, washed, refilled for reuse again just like the bottles you buy.

How to clean your refillable bottle

Because both glass and plastic bottles last and can be easily washed out they are versatile are perfect for refilling. refilme recommend cleaning bottles with a wired brush, warm water with a little ECO washing up liquid and where needed ECO white cleaning vinegar as a final odour/ degreaser.

Popularity of refill

So is the popularity of refilling cleaning - laundry - personal product bottles growing the simple answer it great all round saves plastic waste, are kinder to your skin and don't cost the earth. You have to ask yourself what is stopping you making the change? The added benefit is that you will be dealing with real local family business who care about your community and are helping to make a difference with the green revolution. #refillnotlandfill

How refills work

Select your product in store or on line

Use and refill in store or door2door

Return any used bottle and we'll wash reuse /repurpose /recycle

Plastic its a love hate thing

PET and HDPC plastics are very versatile. Some customers understandably want to use plastic bottle near young children and in the shower. At refilme we believe in forever plastic and glass bottles as long as they are washed, reused and help make a difference to reducing waste. #plasticrevolution

We operate a return point for any unwanted or good quality used bottles and will gladly clean them for reuse, repurpose them or recycle them as appropriate. If you need a replacement tap, spray or pump just pop in and the team with swop out any old ones for you. #replaceandreuse

If you run your own local business or school and want refilme to help supply you refillable products we offer commercial terms and monthly payments to help your staff / customer experience with green products while reduce waste inefficiency. #heretohelp

Community care program

As part of our community care program refilme will be working with Derian House Hospice to help raise valuable funds supporting the great work they do locally for families. #communitysupport

We have been working with Ironman UK and they are providing Derian house a free place to raffle off for this Septembers 70.3 ironman to raise funds. Which this space to take part and win some goodies.

Our team and family love being part of the local community since 1964 and continue to invest in our people, facilities, equipment, products and use our influence in the community where we can to make things better for everyone.


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