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Why Use An Independent Dry Cleaner & Laundry Business?

Why? there are many benefits of using a #localbusiness like Fairview Cleaners, because firstly #wecare about great cleaning, laundry and ironing so you look fantastic while preventing more clothing and bedding going to landfill. #sustainabity

But for us its so much more and here is why;

At Fairview Cleaners we really love helping our community, customers, charities and local businesses with expert dry cleaning and laundry services. Its what we have done best in our family since 1964.

Since the pandemic in March 2000 Fairview Cleaners refocused on what we can do better for our community #communitysupport, the great customers and clients we love seeing.

Our community support was recognised last month by our town mayor Kevin O’Donnell and our Fairview Cleaners team was represented by Sharon Booth and Annie Lilley who took part in the civic parade and awards ceremony at St Pauls Church. #awardwinningteam

Fairview Cleaners has introduced two main initiatives to underpin what we do and how we operate, our #communitycareprogram focuses on supporting the people and groups in our community and our #fairpricingpolicy always ensures we deliver expert cleaning + laundry service at great value.

Fairview Cleaners mission is to be the best #no1 and always do what we can to make life better to those local groups, charities (like Chorley's Help The Homeless) and businesses around us. Through hygienic washing of donated duvets, supporting the very vulnerable with service washes to donations that help keep our local people safe and warm.

For me and the team this communication isn't about showing you we are better than the large chains stores or saying come and use Fairview Cleaners, its about saying great local business do so much to help the people around without putting profit first.

Fairview Cleaners stayed open with safe controls all the way through lockdown to help where we could at our cost, because it was important to us and it was the right thing to do. We didn't need to ask share holders like other cleaning businesses who just closed their doors. Instead we stepped up and added support like food shopping or picking up prescriptions for the venerable using our COVID secure Door2Door deliveries service FOC.

So are we part of the community, yes we are, care about those around us, sure thing. Love cleaning and laundry, yes absolutely its part of our DNA.

I could share the other fabulous services we provide with images of £5k designer wedding dresses we have perfectly cleaned, preserved and presented in a bridal box boxes but that's a different message for another day.

Today images of sports kits says a little about Fairview Cleaners being part of the fabric of the Chorley, providing great laundry services to the fantastic clubs and groups like Chorley FC & UCLAN who keep our local families, children, heathy, safe and active.

#supportlocal really means independent businesses like Fairview Cleaners get to return the trust in using our dry cleaning and laundry services so we can help make a difference to our community.

Huge thanks as always from the team; Philip, Sharon, Annie and Pam.

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